Do you golf?

I’m never sure how to answer this question. I have a beautiful set of clubs and I enjoy swinging them, but I am far from good. I’m happy with my shot if the ball gets into the air. Most of the time I don’t even keep score, which can frustrate my “play from the tips” husband.

Even though I’m not par golfer, or even have a handicap, I love getting out on a good golf course. Last week we took our yearly trip to Pinehurst North Carolina. 40 golf courses in a 15 square mile. If you’re a golfer this is a must make trip.
The first day we hit Tobacco Road. I have never seen a course like this! You don’t rake the bunkers, you drive through them or you take stairs to get in and out of them.
See that machine? That’s how they rack the bunkers!

This video does not do this hole justice! It was a crazy hole!

I made it over the water on to the green only to have it roll into the water! ARGH!!
Golf Digest named Tobacco Road the 10th hardest course in America in 2007. It really is crazy hard, but so much fun! I’m super excited because I only lost 4 golf balls.
This is a must play! I’ll tell you about horrible round at Pine Needles on Wednesday.

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