The Elephant Pool Party at the Elephant Odyssey

It may be chilly everywhere else in San Diego, but at the San Diego Zoo’s Elephant Odyssey it’s heating up! Every Saturday until September 4th the Elephants will be have a Pool Party!
Elephant-sized “beach balls.” Capybaras and a jaguar that live near the elephants also will be enjoying some aquatic enrichment during the pool party.

The event will highlight the Zoo’s partnership with Elephants Without Borders and the range of enrichment the Zoo provides for elephants in Elephant Odyssey including “utilitrees” that raise and lower food to simulate the foraging they would do in their native lands. On pool party days, guests can join in the summertime fun by enjoying drink specials at Sabertooth Grill. Guests who mention the Elephant Pool Party special will get $2 off Elephant Toppers and Elephant Floats.
A number of us San Diego Bloggers were invited to a sneak preview. We had such a good time, more importantly, our kids loved it! This was the first chance I had to see Elephant Odyssey. I am so impressed! The animals are so close!!

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